Sunday, April 27, 2014

Girly hotpot

I have to admit I have not a big fan of hotpot because it revolves around meat and noisy places but when I saw the press release for this place, the food looked healthy and it is located on the second floor of Lodgewood hotel.
There are not many hotels that offer a place just for hotpots.
Lodgewood hotel and reception area:

Photos of canton pot:

Private rooms


There are so many international beers from Germany to Belgium.

My favourite was the strawberry beer which had a strong strawberry taste.
Apricot tea:

Aromatic apricot tea.
Hotpot broths and condiments:

Top left: Braised fish head with Chinese herbs $278
Top right: Fish maw & whelk broth $138
Bottom left: Mixed mushrooms soup $108
Bottom right: Short ribs soup in Korean style $228

My favourites were the mixed mushrooms and braised fish head because it seriously had a strong taste.

For condiments & sauces which cost $23 per person, there was:
Minced Garlic
Thick broad bean sauce
Japanese sesame sauce
Crispy garlic
Chopped onion
Red chili
Preserved bean curd
Fermented bean curd
Peanut sauce
Chaozhou chili oil
Satay sauce
Assorted dumpling platter (12pc) $158:

(Crab roe & coral clams dumplings, kimchi & mixed mushrooms dumplings, morel mushrooms & Kurobuta pork dumplings).
The crab roe and coral clams were springy and tasted similar to wontons and the other nice one was the pork dumplings with strong morel mushrooms in it.
Featured mushrooms platter $348:

(includes tremella frondosa, chanterelle, fresh shiitake mushrooms, Japanese mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, pleurotus eryngii, oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, portobello, etc; available seasonally)
Mushrooms lovers will love this!!
My favourite was the tremella frondosa (middle) which has the same texture as sea cucumber and it was quite viscous.
Hungarian Mangalica boneless pork collar $298:

The pork was soft and supple when it was ready to eat.
Australian organic beef rib eye $248:

Nice lean slices with not much fat content.
Mixed mushrooms in tofu pouches $88:

The tofu pouches were great, inside were yummy finely diced mixed mushrooms with an earthy meaty tone.
Mixed meatballs $98:

(mixed with shrimp, cuttlefish, asparagus & Yunnan ham)
These meatballs were springy and tasty.
Organic tofu $38:

Silky and smooth tofu with a strong soybean taste.
Seasonal vegetables and organic sweetcorn:

Sweet and fresh vegetables
I am not a fan of Chinese desserts so my favourite was the serradura and the yuzu jelly I found a bit too sweet.
Black Sesame soya milk pudding $58:

Double boiled pear with chuan bei and dried mandarin peel $58:

Aloe vera yuzu jelly $58:

Grass jelly, almond pudding with pomelo and sago in mango sweet soup:

Serradura $48:

Green tea & red beans panna cotta:

Cute notebook set given by the hotel's PR which represents the three hotels:
Lodgewood, LIS and Forte.

Canton Pot:
2/F, Lodgewood, 1131 Canton Road,Mong Kok

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