Thursday, April 03, 2014

Too salty at 譚仔雲南米線

譚仔雲南米線 and TamJai SamGor Mixian are really famous restaurants in Hong Kong for Yunnan noodles.

As I don't eat Yunnan rice noodles, I used to get the two mixed up until now when I tried to add it on OpenRice.

Anyway, I never planned to try 譚仔雲南米線 or TamJai SamGor Mixian because there is always a queue, but since this place was newly opened there was no queue.

The snacks menu was simple:

However the noodles section was slightly more complicated.

Ended up ordering chicken wings and plain noodles.

chicken wings:

The chicken wings were really nice because they had lots of cumin sprinkled on it.
However it could have been cooked more thoroughly because it was pink inside.
Plain noodles:

As usual the noodles tasted like chewy elastic plastic but they were tasty because the broth was way too salty.

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  1. I was really surprised when I tried a bit of this. More than Sichuan that I’ve had in London, one sip of this brought a Sichuan taste to my body immediately. I definitely would love to go back to Hong Kong and try this again upon returning! I hope you can check out my post and comment:


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