Monday, April 28, 2014

Purple sweet potato icecream at DK

The Dessert Kitchen (Tsim Sha Tsui)


To be honest, this desserterie has been opened for a long time but non of their desserts captivated me until now.

Currently in HK, there are about 10 shops that do nitrogen icecream.

The most successful one is Lab Made which was later copied by Tutti melon, and now this dessert place has it too.
The others ones are served in high end restaurants such as AVA Splash.

Previously I have attempted to try Tutti melon but they ran out of nitrogen which was such a joke.

Anyway, at Dessert Expert, I was lucky because they had two flavours I wanted to try which are rotated fortnightly.
[Flavours that they had: black sesame and tofu, caramel pudding, white peach, dark chocolate, Okinawa brown sugar, purple sweet potato, cherry tomato and yoghurt and sweetcorn with lava salt.]

[at the time I dined, I did not know there was a special offer on Yahoo which was $20 for two scoops making nitrogen icecream DIRT CHEAP.

I paid $70 for two scoops on this visit.
Compared to Labmade, it is so much cheaper so lets find out about the quality.

As with all nitrogen foods there is a risk of oesophagus burns like the teen girl who loses stomach after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail in the UK.
So far there are no reported cases in Hong Kong yet.

It appears that they were using Nitrogen to make the icecream before the group buying offer but when I went during the group buying redemption period they just scooped the icecream from somewhere!!

purple sweet potato:

It was really nice with a piece of dried sweet potato and sweet potato puree on top.
The sweet potato cracker was chewy and not crispy and the sweet potato puree was velvety but tasted artificial.
Anyway, the icecream was good because it was not too sweet but I did not like the artificial sweet potato taste which ruined it.
cherry tomato and yoghurt:

Surprisingly this was delicious by Hong Kong Standards because most places make savoury items taste sweet.
I went to Ice Cream Gallery for their savoury icecreams but they turned out to be sweet and disappointing.
This flavour was really nice and tasted how I expected it to be.
It was garnished with sundried tomatoes and croutons which reminded me of tomato flavoured icecream soup.
I loved the taste, it was savoury with a hint of tangyness from the tomato which matched perfectly with the yoghurt.
The croutons and sundried tomatoes went well with this flavour because they were related and you could associate it with Italian food or even tomato soup.
Photos of the desserterie:

Bird's eye custard powder!!


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