Friday, April 11, 2014

Banana straciatella gelato

2/3 Dolci (Wan Chai)

I was going to a tasting nearby and was half an hour early so decided to get a gelato from Dolci.

Usually I get the pistachio but decided to try the Banana straciatella gelato instead.
I expected it to be good because it was going have real bananas in it just like their pistachio gelato.

Banana straciatella gelato:

Stracciatella is a milk-based gelato that is filled with fine, irregular chips of chocolate.
The colour was natrual and I loved the pieces of chocolate because it tastes better than having banana flavoured with cocoa.

The taste was natural, it was light with a touch of banana and irregular pieces of crisp sweet chocolate.
It had a lovely smooth, thick and sticky texture which was a mix of gelato and sorbet.
Easter series:


It was considerate of them to give me a glass of hot water after having some gelato.

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