Saturday, April 19, 2014

OpenSnap mobile app rocks

Lion Rock (Mong Kok)

Thanks to OpenRice for inviting me to this event which was the launch of their new mobile app called OpenSnap.

It is basically an app for openricers to share their food photos.

Here are my opinions on the disadvantages and advantages of the app.
1) a picture explains a thousands words so people who don't read reviews will find this useful.
2) you can tag other opensnappers.
3) all photos uploaded will be shown because they will not be screened for tasting or non tasting events.
4) For opensnap users, they can see photos from existing published reviews from openrice because all the photos have been linked to the app.
5) it will encourage more opensnappers who previously don't use openrice to comment because not everyone likes to spend time to upload photos and write comments.
1) For OS users, it is not linked to openrice so if you intend to write a review, you need to upload it again.
2) You cannot post photos for restaurants which are no listed, hence you need to update openrice with the new restaurant details and wait for it to be approved before you can post them.
3) Not every phone system supports it, so it would be great if they could improve it so that phones with a basic android version could support it.
4) there is no PC version like instagram so if people don't have the app they can't simply view the photos on a pc.
5) the app is not searchable on playstore because I had to get it directly from the opensnap website.
Samples of the food that was served:

The food I tried:
I went to a tasting before this event so I was really full and tried two items.
Tried the abalone which had a delicious truffle taste.

I finished off with soup which had delicious fish maw in it.
Even though it had fish maw, the soup was not sticky.

Wine glass markers and mobile phone screen cleaner from OpenRice:

LED paperweight from Lion Rock:

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