Tuesday, April 22, 2014

McVeggie burger 2014

When I saw news that the McVeggie burger would be available I was glad.
In UK, it is permanently on the menu called the Spicy veggie sandwich (a veggie patty with chickpeas, coriander and cumin, served with lettuce and cucumber and a dollop of sweet chilli and mayo sauces.)

The Hong Kong version has mushrooms in it and was only available at Cheung Chau during Buddha's festival.
Last year, I deliberately went to Cheung Chau for the McVeggie burger.

With all the media and rising awareness of Green Monday, McDonald's has decided to serve the McVeggie burger all over Hong Kong until 7th May.

Green Monday is a social enterprise that encourages healthy, environmentally friendly living in Hong Kong. It starts with going meatless on Mondays — an easy and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health.

As soon as the burger was launched, I tried the McVeggie and the sweetcorn pie.

Oscar the Grouch:
I think McD's trashed the packaging!!
Instead of designing vibrant wrappers printed with colourful veggie illustrations to promote a healthy burger, they made it look like trash with brown wrapping!!
The cartoon looks like OSCAR the GROUCH from Sesame street who loves TRASH!!!

For improvements, perhaps a white wrapping with mushroom illustrations and colourful words for McVeggie??

The wrapping also reminded me of a TOAD and recycled paper!~!

On the other hand, the sweetcorn pie packaging was bright and eye-catching, you could see people having them.

Sweetcorn pie:

I didn't really like this because sweetcorn is a vegetable and not a dessert so the creamy sweet sauce and sweetcorn tasted weird together.

Compared to the one at Cheung Chau, it was disappointing.
The patty was soft, dark and chewy which proves it has been made for quite a while because no one ordered it.
Looking around the restaurant, no one had the McVeggie burger nor was it eye-catching to people who walked past.
There was no mashed potato in the patty compared to the one at Cheung Chau.
I happened to try it again at another branch and it was even worse because there was virtually no sauce on it and it tasted rancid.

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