Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My food visions fulfilled at the GLASSHOUSE

Thanks to the Gaia group for this $500 gift certificate to dine at the Glasshouse.

The Glasshouse offers all day dining with bar food created from their existing restaurants such as Greyhound, Wang Jia Sha, Zelo, Isola and more.
It offers mouth watering Asian Cuisine with a Western twist, perfect for expats with a relaxing roof top garden surrounded by the glitzy harbour views.

Here was what we tried.
Potato croquettes with seaweed and scallop with sweet & sour mango sauce $58

Each croquette had a cute disposable plastic fork which made them manageable to eat.
They were crispy filled with delicious potatoey filling and scallop pieces but I could not taste the seaweed.
Crab cakes with edamame beans and organic corn with yuzu mayo $78

The crab cakes were enhanced by the edamame beans which gave it a sweet twist.
Pad Thai black ink noodles with barbeque pork, tofu, egg and soy bean sprouts $118

This was definitely the star of the evening because I don't like Cambodian noodles and it has been replaced with squid ink noodles which were al dente.
There was a cute ceramic pot with an egg to mix in the noodles.

After it was added, the noodles were much silkier.
Then lime juice was added making the noodles even more refreshing.
Wagyu beef burger with black truffle mayonnaise and homemade pickles

I am not fond of beef but I loved the homemade pickles which balanced the beefiness of the beef.
Crepe filled with Otap cookies, ube ice cream and pomelo $78

It was great that they serve Filipino Otap cookies inside the crepe giving it a lovely crunchy centre paired with cooling ube ice cream.
Midnight gloria (grapefruit juice, passionfruit puree, fresh lime juice, butterfly tea topping, lime zest) 58

They had so many choices for tea which took me a long time to decide!
Anyway, the one I had was nice and refreshing and not too sweet.

Thanks to the voucher, we only had to fork out another $31.
(but due to some teething problems I think we paid the bill for the table next to us because they had oysters and the items on the bill don't quite match what we had.
I only realized the bill was not ours when I was writing up this review).

I can't wait to come here again because the food and drinks are amazing and I haven't tried everything yet!

Shop 4009,
Level 4, IFC Mall,
Hong Kong
Telephone. (852) 23834008

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