Thursday, April 03, 2014

Egg tart con artist

King Bakery (Lok Fu)

I only tried these egg tarts because someone wanted to try them.

To be honest, it is so hard to find delicious egg tarts that I like.

At King Bakery they have lots of different egg tarts ranging from durian egg tarts to cheese egg tarts.

Ordered THREE egg tarts loud and clear, but she insisted putting four in the box and tried charging for FOUR!!

Honestly the cheek in people who I have met that try to get you to buy things when you don't agree to buy.

Past experiences:
I was looking at some fruit which I wasn't intending to buy and they bagged it and asked me to pay!!! WTF!!

Egg tarts:

Again, these egg tarts were just like the ones at V8, the flakey tart pastry was soft and floppy that they collapse when you eat them and the filling was too watery.

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