Thursday, April 03, 2014

Get your cakes online from Patisserie Uriwari

This online cake shop has been selling cakes since 2012.

That's a good two years because online shops get less publicity and relies on the internet and word of mouth.

To be honest, I only knew about this shop late last year when Lemon Tea told me about it.

Finally tried it..

As they are an online shop, I would have expected the cakes to be more expensive but they cost roughly the same as cakes in other shops.
syun $36:

This cake has caramel mousse, apple and Valrhona hazelnut sauce.
It was not too sweet and I loved the bitter mousse with the crisp cubes of apples.
koi $34:

This was raspberry mousse, chocolate cream with chocolate almond cake as a base.
There was a good balance in taste because I could taste the strong chocolate as well as the delicious strong raspberries.
kyo $36:
At the bottom, there was a green tea brownie, topped with delicious green tea mousse, red beans and green tea sauce.

Green tea lovers are going to love this because I loved the green tea mousse which was light and refreshing with a rich green tea brownie at the base.

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