Sunday, April 27, 2014

Battling Shaolin Bronzemen at Tit Hong Lane

I have always wanted to try this Vegetarian place but they close really early so I never got a chance to try.

Anyway, I finally had some time to try it but when I got there, it was overwhelmed with people at the entrance.

Those people were getting takeouts which cost $22 or $25 with soup.
All the dishes are displayed in the cabinet and you just order by it's number.

In Chinese, the street it is located on is called 鐵行里 (Tit Hong Lane), somewhat meaning Metal Alley.
As with all vegetarian food in Hong Kong, it is normally associated with Buddha's and the Guanyin which made me imagine that it was like going to the Shaolin monastery and getting past these bronzemen!~

Luckily there were seats inside so I dined there.

The menu was stuck on the wall so you can order 2 to 3 dishes or have fried rice or noodles that cost $35.

There is also a menu on the table.

I chose the one with soup and I was told to get it myself, but as it was lunch, the staff was REAL busy with the soup pot so I couldn't get near it.
In the end I just couldn't bothered to get the soup!!

Unfortunately, the choices that day were not as attractive as the choices on the previous reviews, but since I was there I tried four different choices.
I was quite annoyed they didn't have stir fried watercress or vegetarian chicken wings.

The rice and fried noodles were all you can eat but I didn't know that at the time.

Anyway, the food here was incredibly cheap but the presentation looked a bit rough because they were put on the plate at high speed and most of the ingredients are the same so it just looks like puke!
But for that price, the quality of food you get is really reasonable because a lot of vegetarian food is overpriced for no reason.

Here was what I had:
Taro in red beancurd sauce, tofu in pumpkin and salted egg sauce

I loved the strong beancurd taste but the taro was too hard.
The tofu in pumpkin and salted egg sauce was lovely, it was flavoured by the sweet pumpkin puree with a touch of saltiness from the salted egg.
Salt and pepper beancurd skin, Loofah and vegetarian ham

The beancurd skin was a little oily but the seaweed in the middle gave it a nice umami flavour, as for the loofah, it was too salty while the vegetarian ham tasted like real ham but I only found one piece in it.

After eating all that, I was still quite hungry, but if I knew the rice and stir fried noodles were all you can eat, it would have beat my hunger!

I hope to come here again when they have other choices and try their fried rices.
Fook Luk Sau Vegetarian Restaurant
G/F, 8 Tit Hong Lane, Central

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