Friday, April 25, 2014

Lovely rooftop cafe in Central

Came here because my friend Ivy insisted on going!

I was a bit iffy because I thought it was a kids cafe but when I got there, it was surprisingly relaxed with homely decor.
There is a childrens' play area at the back.
Rotary dial phone:

The milk bottles with flowers on the floor reminds me of putting empty milk bottles outside the front door for the milkman to collect in the morning to be exchanged for fresh bottles of milk.

Cute paper straws

A nice selection of cakes including flapjacks, caramel slices and scones.

SUNMAID raisins!!

A lovely toiletries corner outside the toilet.

For food I ordered the grilled cheese toast, carrot cake and Ivy chose the Vegetarian toast and the flapjack.
According to the menu, it seems that the grilled cheese toast was $45 and the cake was $45, but I got charged $105.
Grilled cheese toast:

Simple and delicious with melted cheese and ham.
Crunchy hummus:
Hummus with sliced and diced carrots, capsicum, red onion and celery, topped with a curry vinaigrette, lettuce and tomato.

The toast was crunchy as claimed with crisp carrots and delicious hummus that had a light curry taste.
It was very filling with all those different vegetables in it.
Carrot cake:

Moist with finely shredded carrots and a strong taste cinnamon and cloves.
The frosting was a bit too sweet.

I never liked them at school but it was comforting to eat them with the same "I don't like it feeling".
Overall, the food was ok but the tea selection was poor.
Rosie Jeans Cafe
Shop 3, G/F., Kam Kin Mansion, 119-125 Caine Road, Mid-Levels

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