Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kamitora Ramen

Kamitora Ramen (Wan Chai)

Tried this ramen joint because there were so many good reviews on it and I did not have to queue that day.

The menu was basic with the usual ramen, gyozas etc.


pickled ginger, spicy beanshoots and pickled takana.
Kamitora Special $123:

The special had extra bamboo shoots worth $10 and three more slices of pork worth $29 so if you don't like bamboo shoots or pork, the ordinary one would be satisfying enough.
The average bowl of ramen at Kamitora costs around $73 to $83.

The broth was rich and creamy without being too salty, enhanced by the spring onions.
However the pork was not soft enough and the ramen as a whole did not wow me!
BBQ pork bowl with fried egg:

Surprisingly, this was the highlight for me because the eggs were fried so perfectly and smooth that the soy sauce just runs off the surface.
The egg was really tasty as well and the rice, egg, BBQ pork and soy sauce all complimented each other perfectly.


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