Friday, April 11, 2014

A palace for great food

Although its location is a bit far off from Times Square, this restaurant has really nice European decor.

I didn't know what to expect but the food was great.
To start the meal, you are normally given baguette or bread, but at this place they have croissants as well.

Seafood bouillabaisse Served with Mussels, Prawn and Scallop

This was rich seafood soup made with 60% crabs and prawns and 40% fish.
It was fun watching the soup being poured into the bowl.
Pan fried foie gras
Served with Grapefruit, Orange and Apple Puree

I loved the foie gras because it was done just right paired with refreshing citrus fruits.
The pink grapefruit and orange segments made the dish very summery.
Crab meat and avocado roll served with fish roe

Delicious fresh crab meat paired with buttery avocado flavoured by the fish roe.
Melange of Seasonal Mushroom with Black Truffle
Served with Poached Egg, Sautéed Wild Mushroom, Truffle Hollandaise Sauce, Yellow Frisse and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Mushroom and breakfast lovers are going to love this!!
Simply a delicious combination of mushrooms, black truffle and egg.
Steamed chilean seabass with baby squids, edamame and seafood broth

Delicious tender fish paired with silky foam.
Porcini Risotto
Served with Pine Nuts and Black Truffle Sauce

I loved this risotto because it was al dente with strong truffle sauce.
Grilled Canadian Pork Rack (10oz) $288
Served with Baby Spinach, Potato Puree and Apple rhubarb

The pork was nice and tender complemented by the fruity apple rhurbarb sauce.
Slow-Cooked U.S. short Rib $298
Served with Carrot Puree, Baby Onion and Beetroot Reduction

The ribs were tender and came of the bone easily.
They tasted similar to the ribs at Tony Romas with a sweet barbecue taste.
Pan Fried Yellow Chicken $288
Served with Crispy Quinoa, Carrot Puree and Cabbabe Savoy

Tasty chicken paired with crispy and healthy quinoa.
Panna Cotta with Mixed Berry

This was the best panna cotta I've had because the normal ones are too creamy but this one has been mixed with yoghurt which makes it taste lighter.
Chocolate Custard and Banana Mille Feuille $88

An interesting Mille feuille because it was filled with chocolate and not vanilla.
French Opera Cake $88

This was lovely and rich.
Chestnut Mousse with Rong Rum $88

I don't like chestnut, but chestnut lovers are going to love this.
Sun Palace
6/F, Big Foot Centre, 38 Yiu Wa Street,Causeway Bay

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