Saturday, April 05, 2014

The queue never ends at Federal Restaurant

Federal Restaurant (Diamond Hill)

Whether the food is good or bad, the queue does not end for this place because Chinese dim sum is a tradition.
It's location is also good too, right in the heart of a residental area and above the MTR station.
Chinese radish puffs:

Oily pastry

This was not really a dim sum item but the only dish that tasted ok.
Stir fried noodles:
Oily, greasy with a nasty rancid wok taste.
Spring rolls:
Effortless fried spring rolls with nothing much inside it and extremely oily.
Price: $1xx
Service: OK
Service charge: 10% and tea
Yummy factor: yuck
MSG levels: slight
Napkins provided: no
Toilets: yes
Portion sizes: reasonable
Noise levels: Noisy
English Menu: Yes

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