Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lovely and simple cafe by the sea

iBakery Express (Admiralty)

After dining at ibakery Cafe, I came here too after the protesters left.

It is located on the promenade.

iBakery Express is for quick food so they sell sandwiches, drinks, icecreams and muffins.

There are some bar tables and benches infront of the shop.
Salmon and tomato sandwich :

The price of the sandwiches were quite cheap, the salmon and tomato was only $18.
The salmon was thinly sliced and thinner than the tomato slices, but you could still taste the salmon.
The combination of tomato and salmon was a bit weird, but it tasted ok because the tomatoes were appetizing but as both the items were similar in colour it was not that colourful because there was no green vegetables to complement it visually.

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