Friday, May 10, 2013

Wishy Washy raspberry bathing duck

Black n White (Tai Kok Tsui)

I have always wanted to try Black n White but the desserts there were not irresistible enough.

However when I saw the recent reviews on the yellow duck on foam, it changed my mind.

When I got there, the place was really busy so waited quite a while before I got served.

The dessert took a while to come too.

Raspberry bathing duck:

The presentation was exactly as shown on the product shot but the colour of the foam was lighter than photos from previous reviews.

The froth was light pink but lacked raspberry taste.

The duck on top was edible and made of chocolate, and the tiramisu was made of mascarpone cheese, raspberry jelly and raspberry foam and Italian ladyfingers.

As I do not like coffee, a raspberry alternative to tiramisu was a great idea but the taste of raspberry was faint and I didn't like the Italian ladyfingers because it was hard and not soaked.

I would have preferred the raspberry jelly to have a fruitier taste and the sharpness of the raspberries to be stronger.
There was not enough wishy washy raspberry liquid because the duck could not float and the liquid was just surrounding the tiramisu and not really covering the tiramisu.

Overall I felt that the dessert was a little too sickly and the taste was let down by the raspberry artificial flavour.

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