Saturday, May 18, 2013

McVeggie burger exclusive at Cheung Chau

McDonald's (Cheung Chau)

I would never in my life consider going to Cheung Chau during the Bun Festival because it is packed with people and I wonder why the Island doesnt sink!

But I found out from Mjqueen7e that they had the Veggie burger which is ONLY served at Cheung Chau's McDonalds during Bun Festival so I made a trip there!

It is really weird because in the UK, the Veggie burger is permanently on the menu and in other countries too!
The UK version is basically spicy and contains chickpeas, coriander and cumin.

Veggie burger:

Basically it looks like the McChicken Sandwich with the same mayonnaise sauce but the Hong Kong veggie version contains shiitake mushrooms.

Although you cannot really see the mushroom pieces, you can taste them, but you could visually see the peas and sweetcorn.
The patty was also made with potato as well but not as bad as the reviews described it because I really liked it.
The taste was similar to the veggie version in UK but without the spices.
After the satisfying food, it was a nightmare leaving the Island and next year I will go before the main day of the festival for the McVeggie burger.


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