Monday, May 27, 2013

New menu changes at Pung Pung noodles

碰碰麵撈麵專門店 (Mong Kok)
There are not much food options for me in MK, so I usually come here, this was my third time dining here.

The menu has changed since my last visit and the choice of noodles have changed too.

My favourite ultra thin vermicelli was not there but they now have "horse mane" vermicelli so I tried that.
I tried to ask what it was and they answered it was rice vermicelli which I already know.
I just wanted a more detailed description ie whether it was thin or thick!

Although I did not order the "horse mane" vermicelli, the table next to me had it and it was similar to glass vermicelli but slightly thinner.
Daily special:
The daily special that day was fried salt and pepper fish joints or fish joints in salt water so I chose the salt water one.
When it came I was surprised they put glass vermicelli in it as well which was a bonus.

It was quite good because it soaked up the sweet fish broth.
The fish meat that was in between the bones were silky, soft and gelatinous.
The major problem was that the whole dish was luke warm, but luckily the fish did not have a fishy taste because when fish gets cold, the unpleasant smell comes out.
Shrimp roe noodles tossed in soy sauce:

It had the same problem as the above, the noodles were cold.
So for a person who gets burnt on moderately warm items, the cold noodles would probably feel even colder for normal people.
The sauce was not as good as before because it was too sweet.

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