Saturday, May 04, 2013

Relaxing afternoon tea at iBakery

iBakery Gallery Cafe (Admiralty)

I have always wanted to visit iBakery but it seemed quite far away and I thought it would be hidden somewhere in the building.

The cafe is actually quite accessible because it is near the entrance of Tamar park.

The decoration is nice, modern and spacious.

As it was the afternoon I tried the tea set which includes a pudding and tea.

Irish coffee pudding:

I wish I chose the chocolate and black cherry compote, but the Irish coffee pudding was quite nice.
The pudding was very thick and firm, it was extremely creamy with a hint of coffee.
Breakfast tea:
The breakfast tea was organic and tasted like the usual breakfast tea.
As I was dining, there were some protesters!
The customer service could have been more welcoming but perhaps it was a public holiday so everyone was in holiday mood.

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