Thursday, May 16, 2013

Black burger White Burger @ Hong Kong's McDonalds

When I saw the promotion for these black and white burgers, I just couldn't wait.

In China, they served these Black and White burgers before but they were mini ones and each box had a mini black burger and a mini white burger, but in Hong Kong McDonald's are smart because the burgers are standard sizes so you have to go again to try the other one.

The new series are quite Taiwanese style because of the Taiwanese pearls, but the burgers themselves were not that Asian because they contain mashed potato and lovely mushroom/truffle sauce.

As soon as they were launched I ordered the McDelivery because there would probably be a huge queue of curious people ordering the black and white burgers.

These burgers are the best burgers McDonald's has ever served in Hong Kong because in other countries they have other creations which also taste good such as the Cordon Bleu that was served for a limited time in the UK.

As well as the burgers, they also had other new items which were: Smoky hot wings, Bubble tea and Black and white sundae which I ordered as well.

At the restaurant, it was an interesting sight, there were lots of rice options on the menu!!!
Both black and white burgers have mashed potato base and lettuce, whilst the white burger has pepper mushroom sauce for chicken and the black burger has TRUFFLE sauce to pair with the beef.
And yes it really is TRUFFLE SAUCE!! but truffle is getting cheaper these days because you can get truffle essence.

The burgers reminded me of the trial McD's German chicken sausage burger which was also delicious because of the potato patty.

Black burger:
(Quoted from McDs) Discover the dark side of flavour with our new mashed potato base burger smothered in truffle sauce, topped by two 100% beef patties wrapped in deep black squid ink bun with bacon. The taste of the beef surprised me, it actually had some charred taste like Burger King because the bacon was quite smoky, and the truffle sauce was really nice.
Since I am not fond of beef, the charred beef taste was too strong for me.
I just felt the bun could have been bigger and the squid ink taste could have been stronger.
White Burger:
(Quoted from McDs)Discover the white side of flavour with light and creamy mashed potato base burger smothered with pepper mushroom sauce, topped with crisp chicken patty, wrapped in light wheat bun with bacon. This was my favourite of the two because I always prefer chicken and the mashed potato beneath it was really silky and I am not joking the pepper mushroom sauce was a perfect match. ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
Supersupergirl's Black & White Burger: This is not on the menu, but you can buy both and swap the top part of the bun.
Personally I loved it because I was able to sample the best of both worlds with mushroom and truffle sauce!
Again the chicken one tastes the best.
Smoky hot wings: The colour of these chicken wings were bright orange.
For people who cannot eat spicy foods, they were extremely spicy just like the spicyness of the McCurry burger.
Bubble tea: Basically it was Hong Kong style tea with pearls!
help!! I am stuck!!!
help!! I am stuck!!!
I was given their standard straw and the pearls were too big for the straw and got stuck!
Black and white sundae: This is icecream topped with caramel, black and white pearls.
The taste of this sundae was delicious because icecream with caramel can never fail and the pearls made it fun!
Both burgers are really worth trying, especially the White Burger and the Black and White sundae!!
The quality and taste of these burgers were certainly well above average for McDonalds standards.

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