Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hoixe's Chinese chocolate Swiss roll

Not that I like this place but the association is limited to a budget of $4 for person.

They used to get egg tarts and butter cakes from this place but no one likes it.

So now they got the Swiss roll which can be sliced and shared.
Chocolate Swiss roll:
Thankfully the chocolate Swiss roll tasted normal, they also had the original one which was disgusting.
This chocolate roll is not nice but at least its not too sweet and the chocolate covers the nasty salty buttercream.
It did not end up going directly to the bin along with the egg tarts and butter cakes.
It is hilarious every month listening to the comments from the Westerners because the East cannot obviously meet the requirements of the West!

Hilarious comments from Westerners:
"It tastes like sock"
"Is it edible?"
"It's disgusting"

But with a budget of $4 per person and limited manpower there is not much you can ask for.

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