Monday, May 13, 2013

Delicious Fujian fish

真真美食店 (North Point)

After trying the savoury rice I was craving for it again, I tried to go in April, but they were grave-sweeping in China and closed for a week.

Finally went and tried the fish which I did not try on my last visit.
Savoury rice:

The savoury rice was just as delicious as my first visit and I felt it tasted even better this time.
It was packed with goodies, such as fish, sweetcorn and peanuts.
Pickled vegetables:

I have not tried this before so I just ordered it and it was quite nice, they were probably pickled cucumbers or courgettes with pieces of pork.
The pickles were quite salty and delicious with the rice but probably tasted better when paired with congee.
Fujian style fish:

I did not know what this was, but alot of people had it so I ordered it too.
The texture of the fish was really nice, it was flakey and similar to WHITING.
The fish was fully flavoured and quite salty which was perfect with the rice but the fish contains really fine soft bones.
The type of fish varies depending on what fish they have that day.

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