Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seriously delicious Chinese cookies

Nga Yuen Cake Shop (North Point)

Thanks to Mjqueen7e for these extremely delicious cookies.

I have never tried these Chinese cookies before even though I have bought some for Ivycwk at a different shop.

I am not sure if all the shops taste as good as these or this one was exceptionally good.

They are freshly baked everyday according to Mjqueen7e.

The texture of these cookies are really crumbly, and collapses into fine crumbs in your mouth and the taste was amazing because it tasted like a combination of McVities digestives and McVities Rich Tea biscuits.

The drop of chocolate in the middle made it even more delicious without being too sweet and that part tasted like chocolate covered digestives without the wheat bits.

They seem to be able to keep for days because I had a bag of crumbs left which I ate a few days later and they still tasted fresh.

Usually I never eat biscuit crumbs but these cookies were delicious and crumbled easily so I saved the crumbs.

I wish the size of these biscuits could be slightly smaller to fit in ones small mouth.

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