Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maxim's mini chiffon series

Maxim's Cake Shop (Central)

Saw the poster for these new Mini Chiffon series which looked cute.

There are three flavours: chocolate, pandan and vanilla seed.
The pandan and chocolate are not new except for the vanilla seed.

They had Jasmine flavoured floral pudding which reminded me of the pudding I had at The Dining Room.

Floral pudding @ The Dining Room
Mini chocolate chiffon:

The chocolate chiffon just tasted like the usual soft chocolate cakes sold at Maxims, it was not great but tasted better than the Vanilla seed chiffon.
Mini vanilla seed chiffon:

The taste was disappointing, you could not taste any vanilla or any vanilla seeds in it at all.
Both these cakes were nicely presented but in terms of taste there was nothing special about it.

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