Monday, May 13, 2013

Let's pig out with a little piggy party

季季紅風味酒家 (Wan Chai)

Not a fan of Chinese food but I will still try it because I believe that you should try everything as a foodie and often there are surprises.

The theme of the banquet was the Birthday Pig, it is basically a roasted piglet stuffed with fried rice and decorated with birthday decorations.

As well as the roast piglet, we tried other dishes as well.

Thanks to the PR for supplying the English dish names and the Chinese dish names which I have used in this review.

This restaurant is decorated with many pig ornaments.

蝦禾米乳香豬 (Barbecue Suck Ling Pig Stuffed with Fried Rice):

Basically it is as roasted piglet stuffed with fried rice that has dried shrimps in it, and the skin of the piglet is roasted until it is crispy.
When it was served there was a strong peanut butter smell and the roast piglet was lovely and crispy with even layers of meat and crispy skin.
The fried rice was really nice and not too greasy or dry.
冰鎮原隻鮑魚件萵苣(Iced Abalone with Lettuce):

The abalone was chilled and tender and it tasted like it was soaked in Chinese wine.
It was sweet and appetizing.
砵酒焗爽蠔 (Braised Oysters in Port Wine Sauce):

The oysters had a really strong oyster smell but the coating was slightly too thick and could have been crispier.
紅菜頭西芹雲耳鮮淮山 (Stir fried Celery):

This was stir fried celery, beetroots, carrots, black fungas and Chinese yam (wy-saan).
It was nice and colourful with a crisp crunch.
The beetroot was sweet and the Chinese yam tasted similar to crunchy water chestnuts.
潮式滷水拼盆 (Soy Sauce Combination in Chaozhou Style):

Did not try this because I do not eat offal.
鬆子五柳大桂皇 (Deep Fried Perch in Sweet & Sour Sauce):

The fish was really nice and I liked it how the sauce was poured on top when it was served to keep it crispy.
However I felt that the sauce should be kept separate so you can decide how much sauce you want because it can get a bit sweet.
It was nice how they scored the fish which gave it that pretty pattern.
玫瑰頭抽黃金雞 (Soya Chicken):

The chicken was nice and tender with a strong soy sauce taste.
豬肺頂蝴蝶腩菜膽湯 (Double Boiled Pig’s Lung with Dry & Fresh Cabbage):

Nice MSG free soup.
杞子桂花糕 (Osmanthus Pudding):

When it came I thought they put egg white in it, but after trying the pieces they were similar to feta cheese/cream cheese but they turned out to be clumped pieces of cream.
The cream was interesting but since they were clotted cream pieces, perhaps they should have been bigger and more prominent or non existent at all because it was a bit strange at first sight.
楊枝甘露 (Mango Sago Dessert with Pomelo):

I was too full to try.

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