Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ramen from Tokushima and Kitakata prefectures

Ippudo HK (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Thanks to Ippudo and the communications team for organizing this tasting.

At this tasting, there were two new ramens, one from Tokushima and the other from Kitakata prefecture.

In between the two different noodles, there was an appetizer to refresh our palates and after the tasting we got to try their desserts as well.
Drinks from the menu were also provided.
Sunshine splash:

Chose this one because it wasn't fizzy, it looked nice on the menu with a pretty colour gradient that was orange on top gradually becoming red at the bottom.
There was a red glacier cherry at the bottom which contributed to the red colour.
As for the taste it was really nice, it was natural with pineapple and orange juice.
The drink also tasted similar to the Virgin pussycat and the Virgin Pussy foot.
Kitakata ramen:

First of all we tried the Kitakata style ramen.
The broth for this had pork bone, dried fish and seaweed.
Flat and curly ramen.

Chashu, soft boiled egg, menma and spring onions.

My comments:
As well as the broth, the type of noodle is also important in my opinion, and the flat curly ones here were really nice, they gradually softened and were good for slurping while being al dente.
The texture was similar to tagliatelle.
The broth was slightly too salty, but the taste was addictive because the strong seaweed flavour was enjoyable but the fish was not so prominent.
Interestingly there was some dried squid taste in the soup which gave it that excitement that bouillabaisse gives you.
It was good that they paired it with the white end of the spring onions because it was slightly spicy and balanced the fatty chashu.
I do not really like fatty pork but the chashu fat layers literally melts in your mouth and the taste was pleasant.
Chilled tomato in plum flavouring:

It was a fairly big tomato sprinkled with herbs and black pepper drenched in plum flavouring.
The tomato was firm and refreshing bursting with tomato and plum tangyness.

Pork bone and chicken broth.
Straight medium thin noodles.
Pork slices, green spring onions, menma and raw egg.
My comments:
The pork slices were marinated with their special sauce so it was paired nicely with green spring onions which has a stronger taste than the white end of the spring onions.

The broth was lovely and strong and the noodles were medium thin noodles, although I would prefer the ultra thin noodles because it can absorb more broth.

After trying the noodles without mixing the egg, I mixed the egg to try it with the egg yolk.
The egg was really fresh because when an egg is fresh the yolk and white separate easily.
I popped the yolk on the spoon and just dipped the noodles into it and got this lovely creamy taste.

Almond tofu with green tea:

The green tea on top was quite watery but beneath that was almond pudding. the pudding was firm with a deliciously strong almond taste.
Okinawa donut with icecream:

These donuts are made in house at Ippudo, I felt they were dry and hard inside but when it is eaten with icecream the combination of the two were delicious.
The appearance and style reminded me of the donuts at Tai Cheong bakery but with a hard centre.
★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★I'll definitely be back for the Kitakata and thanks to Ippudo, I have now tried another different type of noodle that I like as well as the straight thin noodles.
After finishing the broth you should see the Japanese words Arigatou at the bottom.


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