Sunday, May 26, 2013

Simply plain fluffy rice for $10

陽明燒臘飯店 (Wan Chai)
Your probably thinking why I am reviewing a box of plain rice!

Well, the reason is that not many places are willing to sell you plain rice because they get pissed off that there is not much profit involved.

There are lots of new joints that have opened and sell chicken only (such as ET and Hau Hing's) hence the need for rice.
At 陽明's they allow you to buy rice only!

Plain rice:
There is probably other people who just get plain rice from here too because when I asked for plain rice, they gave it to me without any qualms and even asked if I wanted spring onion oil on top.
So if your on a diet, rice with spring onion would be a good option.
When I opened the box, it was not quite plain because there was sauce on it, the rice was fluffy and hot and there was a hint of aniseed in the sauce.


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