Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cheesess' new makeover and new cookies

Cheesess (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Previously if you have been here before, you were greeted with a black mysterious fridge, there were no cakes at sight.

Hence the reason I have not tried their cakes yet.

The brand new look showcases their products with a lovely new counter with a glass cabinet.

I was now able to see products that I could not see before such as the sauces, Cheesess teacups and coloured syrups that people can buy to decorate their cakes.

As well as their famous cheesess teacup with forks and spoons that resemble mini gardening tools, they now have cookies on sale too.

I was given some cookies to try and each one was labelled and individually sealed.
Cranberry Raisin oatmeal Cookies:
This cookie was my favourite because I loved the chewyness from the raisins and cranberries and the tartness of cranberries were the best.
Walnut Raisin Cookies:

Although it saids Pecan on the labelling, I think it is meant to be Walnut as it tastes like walnut.
This one had a buttery nutty taste.
Earl grey cookies:

When it was taken out the packet, you could instantly smell the earl grey.
The taste was fresh.
Coco oatmeal cookies:

The oatmeal cookies were drizzled with chocolate and there was a nice cocoa taste to the cookies along with fragrant oatmeal.
Oatmeal cookies:

Compared to the chocolate oatmeal, this one was not so exciting and it was slightly too sweet.
Butter soft cookies:

The butter soft cookies were another one of my favourites!
Imagine it melting in your mouth as soon as you eat it, well it did just that!
Almond cookies:

They have used whole almonds so there is strong almond flavour and a nice crunch.
The texture of this cookie was quite hard.
After trying these cookies, I plan to get the kyoto raspberry and London earl grey cheesecake later.
While I was there I sampled the lychee cheesecake which was lovely and light, it was also ice cold so the texture was interesting just like a sorbet.
Thanks to Lemon Tea and Cheesess for inviting me to the try their new cookies.

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