Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lamma Marshmallows: when will I see u again?

佳佳麵包店 (Lamma Island)

Went to Lamma and finally found this shop, it is on the main street and easily missed.

I was there to get some Lamma Marshmallows so I got a few bags, one for myself and one for friends.

The lady said they could keep for a week in the refrigerator so I put them in the refrigerator.

On the day that I was going to give the marshmallows, I tried my bag to see if they still taste OK, and they were OK, so the owner did not lie.

However the sad news is that she maybe retiring in September because the owner wants the property back, hence she needs to find a new spot or retire.

After uploading the photos on the PC, I noticed they had mini coconut tarts on the left.
If I saw it when I was there, I would have tried it too.
Lamma Marshmallows:
The marshmallows were really nice, heavily coated with dessicated coconut and there was lots of peanut and crispy rice in the middle.
The sweetness was just right and the standard has kept since the last time I tried it.

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