Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finally ..................ET is open!

ET Taiwanese Salted Flavored Chicken (Wan Chai)

When this opened I decided to go there and try it, but it was closed.

Everyday I kept passing by and it was still not open!!!

n'th attempt:

Attempt in April:

A month later I decided to try my luck again and it was finally open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However the menu was different, there used to be more choices but now it has been reduced.

On the left is the old ordering form and on the right is the new ordering form.

Basically on the new menu, you can choose the portion size according to the number of people.
I chose the portion for 2-3 people because the portion for one is usually tiny especially with chicken.

They only had the spring onion and onion flavoured chicken whereas the menu before had many other flavours.

Anyway for this set you could choose three other items to go with it and I chose guava, chicken organs and potato.

All these items were neatly stored in the fridge.

After ordering, the guy cuts the chicken with scissors into a metal bowl and the chosen items as well adding seasoning, sauces, and their signature onions,
There was a huge bowl of onions and the pieces of onions were HUGE, it was basically a whole onion sliced in half and quartered.

ET Chicken:
It was similar to Hau Hing's chicken but packed with more seasoning and additional items.
The chicken organs were not what I was expecting because they were gizzards and not liver, they were quite hard and chewy as well.
I chose guava which was also a wrong decision because the guava was not as refreshing as apple would be and the last option I chose potatoes which were not soft enough.
Even though it was not perfect, I would order it again and try other items with the chicken.
Overall the chicken was quite nice and flavorful but the onion pieces were a bit too big (slightly bigger than a Chinese spoon) and bothersome, they were raw as well.


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