Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inconsistancies at Tomyumtomyum branches

Tom Yum Tom Yum (Kowloon Bay)

Took my fellow foodies here because the branch at Hang Hau was quite nice.

I recommended this place because you can choose the level of spicyness for the Tom Yum Kung soup base .
Vermicelli in tom yum kung broth:

The tom yum kung broth was much spicier and stronger than the version I had at Hang Hau, and to be fair I chose the same spicyness level to compare the two restaurants.
This restaurant was a tad spicier than the Hang Hau branch and there was less tomato in the taste.
The vermicelli disappointed me because they were thicker than the ones I had at Hang Hau and I thought the vermicelli used in all the branches would be the same.

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