Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toko Surabaya at Quarry Bay

Toko Surabaya (Quarry Bay)

Came on the right day but at the wrong time because quite a lot of the food was sold out.

It is located in the residential area of Quarry Bay between Quarry Bay MTR and Tai Koo MTR.

Locating this place was easy and I felt that it was easier walking from Tai Koo MTR than QB MTR because it is downhill and the station is not so irritating.

This joint sells Indonesian goods and foods and there is a table to dine there too.

It has been here for ages and LittleMeg and "sainamdaiocknam" has dined here before so I was expecting the food to be good here.

Originally I wanted the flavoured yellow ginger rice but it was sold out so I got the Indonesian assortment with rice.
Indonesian assortment with rice:
It was rice topped with beans, egg, peanuts, chicken, beef rendang and Chayote slices.
I liked the Chayote slices (Buddha's hand melon) because it was sweet and soft but not many people eat them in Hong Kong because they are used for soups and people find them tasteless.
The rest of the meat had strong coconut taste and the beef was slightly spicy but nice.

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