Sunday, May 19, 2013

QQ Rice 10th anniversary

QQ Rice (Choi Hung)

Since my last visit years ago, they are now approaching their 10th anniversary

Usually I do not eat glutinous rice or Shanghai style rice with fried dough inside.
The rice at this place was rather different as you get to choose different rices, and as a standard you can choose 6 different fillings, which is quite a lot since you normally would probably get to choose 3 or 4.

The fillings are displayed in front of you, so you can see what there is to choose.

I have not been here for years so I forgot you could choose up to six choices, so I chose four.

First of all I chose the Ice lake wild rice which was sold out, so I had mixed grain instead.
They used to have shrimp bran as a filling but they don't have it anymore.
For my fillings I chose Crisp Caraway, pickled vegetables, vegetarian Meat, and chicken in wine sauce.
I also ticked the curry powder but they forgot to add it.

After paying for it, the staff scoops the rice from the tubs and adds the relevant fillings.

The rice filled with fillings was quite nice, it was still lovely and soft and the fillings inside were delicious.

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