Saturday, May 04, 2013

McDonald's: Rice Fun Wrap [BEEF]

McDonald's (Sheung Wan)

The Rice Fun Wraps are really delicious so I went back for the beef, on my last visit I tried the chicken wrap which was really nice.

AGAIN I am thankful for the $25 coupon from the newspaper because THIS IS NOT AS TASTING, I PAID FOR IT MYSELF!

I was envious I didn't get invited to the kick off for McD's new Rice Fun Wrap series not because of the food but because Pakho Chau was there.
Rice Fun Wrap [Beef]:

I prefer chicken to beef but I still tried it anyway, surprisingly it tasted better than the chicken, the sauce matched the beef as well, it was a cross between gravy and teriyaki sauce.
The rice patty was really nice and I finally tasted what was in it.

The beef patty brought out the mushroom flavour in the rice because there are pieces of mushrooms in the rice patty which gives it that brownish colour.
The mushrooms they have used are the western earthy type of mushrooms which are chopped up so finely you can barely see it, hence giving the patty the stong mushroom taste.
If you looked closely enough, you will be able to see tiny bits of mushrooms about 1-2mm in size.

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