Saturday, May 04, 2013

Delicious crunchy fried octopus

Shop: Wagashi No Sato (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to Mjqueen7e for getting me these expensive delicious crunchy octopus snacks from Wagashi No Sato and also helping me to list this on OpenRice.

The packaging was really nice, with a drawstring on the top.

When you open the box, the crunchy octopus are in a sealed bag that keeps them crunchy.

When I took them out, you could immediately sense how crunchy they were.
It is really difficult to get octopus to be crunchy and not chewy!!!

You can actually see it has real octopus in it from the flattern octopus suction cups.

The middle shows the octopus sandwiched in the middle.

The taste of these crunchy fried octopuses were really delicious, they were extremely crispy just like hard tempura and the octopus in the middle had that same crisp texture.
The saltiness was just right and the octopus taste was brought out from being fried.
The coating tasted like rice cracker coating.

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