Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dessert with TVB's Neighborhood Gourmet

Lan Yuen Chee Koon (Prince Edward)

I really liked the pistachio dessert on my visit I decided to go back for it.
I also had the pineapple pudding as well.

There is a jar that they proudly show people the pistachio nuts that they use.

Pistachio dessert:
While I was there, the TV was broadcasting TVB"s Neighborhood Gourmet which also happened to feature their pistachio dessert.

The dessert was slightly disappointing this time because it was lumpy and quite sweet.
I hope on my next visit it will taste as good as my first visit.
Pineapple pudding:

The pineapple pudding was quite nice with pieces of pineapple in the dessert.
However it was slightly too sweet.

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