Friday, May 31, 2013

A nice green surprise

Tim Hei Dessert (Causeway Bay)

I rarely walk on this stretch of Lockhart Road because it is in between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai but not really close to the MTR.

After trying a restaurant nearby, I decided to walk to Causeway bay and noticed this dessert shop across the road.

Initially I thought it was a Chinese restaurant but the decor was too bright and modern for a Chinese restaurant.
So I had to cross the road where there was a crossing and walk right back.

Luckily there was a dessert I wanted to try.

Sat myself down, and the interior was white with green tables and sofas.

The display cabinet on one of the walls was green too with lots of fruit.

My attention was immediately drawn to the Green tea sawdust pudding, so ordered that.

They also had the dessert form of flat rice noodles and rice rolls.

One of the menus on the wall was interesting too because it had Spicy crab in the middle, so I wonder if this is their dessert branch.

Green tea sawdust pudding:

I was actually really surprised it tasted nice, although it was quite fattening.
The layers tasted like frozen whipped green tea cream and it was ultra light with the occasional icy particles.
It was not sweet at all which was perfect because the delicious green tea icecream on top was sweet so the two together were perfect.
Both the icecream and layers were nice because the green tea taste was not grassy and the Oreo crumbs were fine and tasted like fine cake crumbs.

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