Monday, May 13, 2013

♥ Auntie Sweet's desserts that melt your ♥

Auntie Sweet (Tin Hau)

Before they moved here, they had another branch nearby, but that time they only specialized in Chinese desserts so I never went because I can't stand Chinese desserts.

As well as Auntie Sweet, there is also Dessert Loma (Dessert old mum) across the road which serves snowflake ice and cakes which I have already tried at Shaukeiwan.

I went to Auntie Sweet because I wanted to try the strawberry yoghurt sago which is a modified version of the one at Chung's dessert in Po Lam.

You melt my heart:

Ordered this because the tubs of tofu looked cute, they were made to order and it comes with a timer to indicate when it is ready to eat.
I also got it because it was chocolate flavoured tofu.
The chocolate tofu is ready to eat in three easy steps.

When the timer goes off, add the slice of chocolate to the tofu.
(Notice the surface of the chocolate is MATT)

When the surface of the chocolate is shiny, the chocolate tofu is ready to eat.

I felt that the chocolate tofu was delicious on its own without the addition of the chocolate slice and it was packed with tastes of soy bean and chocolate.
The texture was silky and delicate with a lovely beany aroma and tastes similar to Western chocolate pudding.
Strawberry yoghurt sago:

I used to like this dessert at Chung's but the sweetness got too sweet, but at this place they have a yogurt version.
The taste was amazing because they used natural yoghurt which was gorgeous, it is similar to frozen smoothie but the ice particles were finer and melted quickly leaving deliciously cold yoghurt sago.
The sweetness was just right but I would prefer more yoghurt in the dessert because the yoghurt taste was not strong enough.
It also contains coco de nata just like the dessert at Chung's.

Chocolate cookie milkshake:

The cocoa taste was strong.
To try on next visit:
On my next visit I want to try the Green tea tofu milkshake!

I will order the strawberry yoghurt sago and chocolate tofu again and hopefully it tastes consistent!!

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