Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Instant noodles with cheese and seaweed broth

Tsui Wah Restaurant (Jordan)

Recently walked past Tsui Wah Restaurant and saw the poster for the noodle set.

I was mainly attracted by the unusual noodles because it was noodles in cheese with seaweed.

Anyway, finally tried it because it was only available during the afternoon.

The set comes with a beverage, crispy bun, scrambled egg and noodles for $40.

I was given a spoon and fork for the noodles which I found weird because it is difficult eating noodles in broth served in a bowl.

Wouldn't it be easier with chopsticks!

Its a bit like eating steaks with chopsticks and a Chinese spoon which some places do because they give you chopsticks and spoon when people order noodles and steaks.

Noodles with cheese, seaweed and luncheon ham:

It was difficult eating with a spoon and fork so asked for chopsticks.

I was quite disappointed because it was the Korean Nong Shim instant noodles and not the local brand of instant noodles.
The noodles were tasteless because the broth was tasteless but later I found the broth powder conjugated and clumped together at the bottom of the bowl.
After stirring it, there was taste in the soup and it was spicy, the exact broth given in Nong Shim instant noodles.
I just expected the broth to be mixed properly and not to be done by the customer because I assumed the noodles were ready to eat when served.
As for the seaweed, the taste was bland initially because of the broth and the luncheon ham had a weird taste because it tasted like luncheon ham soaked in celery.
Mini crispy bun:

I thought this was the usual crispy bun that was buttered and drizzled with condensed milk, but it was a mini version of the crispy bun.
It was buttered with no other extra frills such as condensed milk which made it the best item out of the set because the bun was chewy in the middle and crispy on the outside with delicious butter on it.
Scrambled egg:

Too oily and the oil was rancid.
Not going to comment because the drinks served at Chinese cafes are not my cup of tea.

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