Saturday, May 04, 2013

Red Mango (Central)

Not long after I got my SODA card at FLAME, I received an invitation from SODA to use my SODA rewards at RED MANGO.

I went to FLAME for my usual roast chicken and I saw some people registering for a SODA card so I did that as well.
At FLAME, I got a free soft drink for first time registration, there after every time I visit flame, reward points will be collected and rewards will be unlocked.

The SODA APP and website have information on other participating eateries and most of my favourites were there!
Just for scanning your card, you get 5 points on every visit to any shop that has the SODA rewards scheme.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Red Mango, they are offering all items at half price to people who have the Soda card until 28th May 2013.

At this event, SODA credited my card with 250 pts so that I could treat my fellow foodies with froyo and most importantly they could see and experience how my SODA card was used.

There is a Soda tablet at the corner and all you do is scan your card and enter your pin, choose the rewards.

This was the reward that SODA asked me to experience.

So without further ado, we all ordered our froyos.
The toppings are UnLiMiTeD provided they fit in the cup, however I was disappointed they did not have Blackberries as shown on previous reviews.

There are three sizes, but for the current reward, it was for the Junior size only.

There were parfaits too and I really wanted to try the falafel oniion wrap.

Raspberry froyo:
I really liked the froyo and the raspberry flavour reminded me of Yoplaits raspberry yoghurt, but because it was froyo, the texture was similar to soft serve and it melted easily too.
The dark chocolate curls and strawberry complemented it nicely.
Just for fun I tried the mochi and caramel pecans because I love pecans.
The mochi pieces were nice and big.
Green tea and original froyo:
I also tried the green tea and original but I felt that raspberry was the best.
Froyo group shot:

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