Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kitchen J gets a new life with new menu items

kitchen J (Tseung Kwan O)

Previously the menu at Kitchen J was extremely limited, they only offered Japanese curries and cutlets.

Now they offer more items just like Watami did, but prices are more expensive than Watami.

Steamed Hiroshima oysters with white wine:
I went to Kitchen J specifically to try these oysters, there was a baked cheese version too.

When it came, it was served on a ceramic dish with a Moroccan claypot lid.

The oysters were plump but the edges and body of the oysters were quite black and grey.

One of them was appalling because you can see crushed white shell on the top left of the oyster so I had to waste time removing them.

Only one oyster was properly detached from the shell and the rest were not which was a nuisance!

As for the taste, the white wine taste was not strong and I could only taste the standard creaminess and smell that comes from Hiroshima oysters.

Sicily deep fried octopus:

To be honest, I don't think they were Sicilian style.

As well as the octopus, they had deep fried squid but I chose the deep fried octopus because not many places serve it.
The coating smelt and tasted like the coating for southern fried chicken and cajun fried chicken.
It was moderately thick and crunchy.
The octopus was rather chewy but there were some tender pieces.
Anyway, I am glad that the menu has improved and they accept cents too!

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