Friday, May 10, 2013

Bonjour Sai Kung

Le Bonbon de Paris (Sai Kung)

Hooray! There is finally good food in Sai Kung with more International restaurants replacing Chinese Food and Seafood!

This lovely Parisien Cafe is opened by a guy from Versaille.

The decor is nice especially the clock on the wall.

Even late at night when people have fled Sai Kung, this cafe is still packed with diners which proves to be a winner as they have only been open for a month.

They make their pastas themselves but they currently offer one type of pasta.

The food here is quite cheap too and they have a range of desserts and cheeses for sale in the cabinet at the front.
Croque Madame:They had the croque Monsieur as well which I have tried before so I tried the Madame which is basically the same but with an egg in the middle.
The real thing differed from the photo because the hole for the egg was heart shaped but here it was round.

The croque Madame was delicious and it cheesy in the middle with thinly sliced ham, the edges of the toast were perfect for dipping the yolk.

Pasta with peas and chicken:

The pasta was a bit too soft for my liking and it was bland, but after adding salt, it was perfect.
The chicken was meaty and tasted fresh.
Green tea with lemon:

The colour of this was interesting, it was quite vibrant.
The taste was refreshing and not too sweet which was great.
Red Fruit tiramisu:

If you like Trifles, you will love this because it tastes similar and the spongecake pieces were heavily soaked with sweet alcohol and the stewed strawberry and custard like cream in the middle was simply delicious.


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