Saturday, May 04, 2013

Great Japanese food @ Tsukiji

Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to the owner for inviting us to try their new dishes before they put them on the menu.

Our task that day was to try three of their dishes and give comments.
These were fried burdock, buttered scallops with asparagus and herbs and cod liver roe.

Fried burdock:
The burdock strips were wafer thin and extremely crispy.
They were similar to ultra thin strips of coconut because burdock is high in fibre.
However we felt that they were slightly too salty, so hopefully when it is on the menu it will not be so salty.
They said that the fried burdock would be ideal snack to go with alchohol.
Buttered scallops with asparagus and herbs:
The scallops were lovely and tender and absorbed the fragrant butter and herbs.
Beneath the scallops were the youngest asparagus tips you could find, they were small and tender and absorbed the buttery sauce.
Anglerfish liver:
This is my favourite dish, so I was delighted to try it.
The liver was soft and silkier than foie gras with a lovely salty fish taste as well.
There was ponzu and spicy daikon dressing which enhanced the liver and salad beneath it.
The anglerfish liver tasted nice with or without the sauce.
After trying those items, we were free to try their menu items:
Chilled tomato with sesame sauce:
The tomato was drizzled with sesame sauce and garnished with bonito fish shreds.
Sweet potato and chestnut croquette:
Luckily they recommended this one because we could not see it on the menu.
The taste was good because it was not only sweet, there was some savouryness it in, and in the croquette there were quite a few pieces of chestnuts that were silky and nutty.
Cold Charcoal udon:

I chose this because the udon was grey and the strands of udon looked thinner than the sanuki type.
The texture of the udon was really nice, it was similar to springy tagliatelle and the sesame sauce provided was really appetizing when it was mixed with the udon.

The ark shell clams were nicely presented, after we finished the meal, we were told these noodles were award winning noodles on the menu which I couldn't agree more and I will be back for these noodles again!
Eel sushi:
I do not usually have eel sushi but tried it here and was quite surprised by it because it was a long piece of eel.
It was very satisfactory eating it because it was not too sweet.
Seared sushi:
The middle two were the Japanese amberjack/yellowtail which I tried because I have never tried it seared.
The texture was still soft and silky even though it was half seared.
The salmon and scallop was nice as well and I loved the generous finely chopped spring onions on top because it gave it a twinge of flavouring.
Asparagus and mentaiko wrapped in seaweed tempura:
I really liked this because of the asparagus and seaweed, inside it had mentaiko too giving it some colour and flavour.
Uni fried rice:
I was quite full when the rice was served, so I only tried a little bit.
The uni taste was not that strong but you could smell it and on top of the rice it was garnished with scallops.
Milk pudding:The milk pudding was really nice and not too sweet, a light dessert to finish off the meal with.
Pumpkin icecream:
I think this would be a popular item because the product shot only shows a scoop of icecream but when it comes, it is a real slice of pumpkin filled with icecream.

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