Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The brand new look of Mian

Mian (Quarry Bay)

Previously this shop was located at North Point famous for serving Chinese pappardelle noodles.

The new Mian is much more hip and modern located on the same street as Yo Bago.

The menu is nice and simple too.

I came back for the pappardelle noodles and to try the savoury rice which was a new addition.

Pappardelle noodles and beef cheeks:

The portion size is much bigger than before and the taste was good as before so the standard has been kept!
The beef cheeks were lovely and tender.
Savoury rice:

The rice was really nice especially with the celery leaves on top giving it a nice aroma.
I just felt that the rice was too mushy and salty.
Mian homemade sauce:

They used to have jars of this on the table but now they only give you a reasonable amount!

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