Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Utterly delicious salmon burgers

MOS Burger (Tseung Kwan O)

Walked past MOS Burger and sure these new Salmon burgers.

When I saw the product shot, the salmon patty looked like an actually slice of salmon that was cut to a burger shape so I had to try it because most salmon burgers are patties made from grounded fish.

There were two burgers, one was the salmon burger and the other was salmon rice burger.

I felt that the salmon burger was going to taste better but the rice one had a more interesting filling which looked like egg and mayonnaise.

Salmon burger:

When it came, the patty was quite thin looking like a potato patty but on the surface you could faintly see the salmon fillet patterns.

After taking a bite, it surpassed my expectations because the texture of the salmon was just like lightly seared salmon.
It was amazingly soft and moist and it was 100% real salmon.

The colour of the salmon was a delicate coral pink.

As well as the salmon, the shredded lettuce and cabbage complemented it perfectly with the thin dressing they used because it tasted similar to Western coleslaw.
The cheese was slightly salty which gave the overall burger a perfect flavouring.
Sadly, I went again and they were not consistent because the salmon was overdone and dry.

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