Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another option for Thai noodles @ Sawadika Thai Cart Noodles

Sawadika Thai Cart Noodles (Wan Chai)
I only noticed this new shop because I was going to Marks and Spencers for something.

It reminded me of this Thai Joint on Anton Road, that shop has been rebranded but owned by the same owner as this place.

Basically they serve the same noodles as that branch.
On this visit I was a bit confused because the broth in Chinese saids "Duck blood soup" and the English is "Duck Soup" which are quite different.

The soup is in a separate bag so the noodles do not go soft.

Anyway, when I got my noodles, it was basically Duck soup and not Duck Blood soup, so if you were expecting Duck blood soup it would have been disappointing.

The noodles tasted nice, and there were lots of vegetables in the noodles (not shown in this picture) but the Chinese radish was a little salty.

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