Sunday, July 07, 2013

Venturing for more Indonesian delights @ Padong

Padang Indonesia Restaurant (Causeway Bay)

Last time tried some really nice Indonesian style sweets so came back for more.

Lapis legit buah plum:

In Indonesia, the layer cake is very popularly and its name lapis legit means very rich layers.
It certainly is rich because it contains up to thirty egg yolks, 500g of butter and 400g of sugar for a cake of size 20 x 20 cm.
The layer cake is freshly made at this restaurant and its texture is much softer than the vacumn sealed ready made ones. It is not as oily as the pre-packed one.
I got this because it contains plum, the standard ones sold at Indonesian markets are just pandan or coffee flavoured.
The taste of this was light with chewy pieces of plum in the middle and the sweetness was just right.
Getuk pandan durian:

The durian taste was a bit weird and the pandan taste was faint.
lapis surabaya:

This was a different type of layered cake with chocolate layers and vanilla layers, but the chocolate tasted like coffee and there was no chocolate taste.
Bika Ambon Pandan:

The pandan taste was not strong enough.
Ketan srikaya:

This was quite sweet and the glutinous rice was a bit heavy.
Overall my favourite items are the black glutinous rice cake with pandan and the plum layered cake.

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