Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fugenzo, my second favourite so far

Fugenzo (Kowloon Bay)

Shop: Fugenzo

Cute and colourful cutlery for kids I presume


Tonkotsu Special Miso Ramen:

This was my second favourite compared to Minami Aoyama.
The broth had a really nice taste because it had a hint of garlic and ginger mixed in with the miso soup base.
I liked the noodles after they were soaked in the broth for a bit because the texture was softer and absorbed the broth.
If it was not that that salty, it would have been perfect.
The egg was really nice too because the egg white was delicately flavoured by the broth and the yolk was slighty runny.
Supplementary Information:This was a complimentary tasting thanks to MegaBox promotions, we tried all six joints that day.
As well as the tasting, it was so generous of them to give us coupons for IKEA, GigaSports and a cute Winnie the Pooh notebook.

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