Sunday, July 14, 2013

Culinary adventure with Arron Rhodes

Thanks to Dot Cod for inviting me.

Dot Cod is now headed by Executive Chef Arron Rhodes.

Prior to joining DotCod, Chef Arron worked with Michelin Star, Rosettes, and San Pellegrino world-ranked restaurants internationally.

“I am passionate about cooking and like to surprise guests” said Chef Rhodes.

At this tasting we own had our very special menu and here was mine.

Seabream tartare with caviar and flying fish roe:

To start off with we all had Seabream tartare which was contained in a beautiful tin served on a bed of dry ice.
If there were no maximum photo limits I would upload that picture here.
The tartare was gorgeous complimented by the deliciously fresh and classy caviar and flying fish roe on top.
The caviar gave it a saltier taste and it was finished within seconds because it was so delicious and the seabream had a texture similar to lobster sashimi but even more delicate.
Maine lobster:
(vanilla, poached red beets, ice radish, pickled air loom carrots)

Visually it was stunning, I loved the colourful balance of orange, green and browns.
The fresh springy lobster was paired nicely with the crunchy medley of vegetables and the seeds gave it an even more lively crunch.
The sauces here were minimalistic which was brilliant because it was extremely natrual and light that you could taste each element such as the beets, lobster and salad leaves.
Chilean sea bass:
(charred bass, fresh peas, feves, poached grelot onions , black garlic cream)

The black garlic foam on top was mysterious and captivating because beneath the dreamy foam laid a big chunk of delicate Chilean sea bass.

Underneath the tender sea bass, there were freshly plucked peas bursting with natrual sweetness.
Although it was a simple dish, the fish and peas were just delicious flavoured by the delicious foam on top.
The delicate twines on top made it into an elegant fairytale.
Lollipop teaser:
Before dessert, we were brought out these frozen lollipops to see if we could taste what they were.

I just loved that moment, it was like seeing some new invention coming out of the laboratory and watching Heston's show.
The taste of this lollipop was sensational it had a hint of savouriness from the tuna but it was sweet followed by popping candy and tastes of green tea and wasabi.
I was really glad that we got to try this because I have always wanted to try the savoury icecream at Ice Cream Gallery which is now closed and used to serve lobster icecream.
Chocolate garden:
(yuzu, Venezuela chocolate , toffee , pomelo and grapefruit)

The dessert was too pretty too eat, it had a cute mini marzipan carrot and tomato with a real stalk!
The yellow piece in the middle was delicious white chocolate and peanut butter, and the dreamy light chocolate and the crispy bits were heaven with the occaisional burst of yuzu.
Petit fours:

Delicious chocolates
After the meal and experience at Dot Cod, I certainly was surprised just as Arron promised.
I loved his creativity and suspense because each dish came as a surprise.
I felt that it was like a Heston experience which was fun and full of surprises.
When we left these cute jars were brought out for us to take home, the experience did not end there...

It was like a mini biosphere with prized Romanesco broccoli pieces that look like fractals and other marine plants.
The clear tagliatelle was Crab soup jelly tagliatelle made with the stock of Crab.

Usually I would indulge on it asap but it was so nice I put the contents on a plate which I would usually avoid because of the washing up, but I felt that the tagliatelle really deserved to be put on a dish and photographed!!
The taste of the tagliatelle was delicious and it had a slightly smokey taste.

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