Friday, July 05, 2013

Udon tempura is coming

Marugame Seimen
Since my last visit, there are new items on the menu.

They have wasabi inari!

They also had UDON TEMPURA which was not for sale as it was on trial.
They looked like snacks called potato sticks.

Anyway I tried one and the texture and taste was exactly like those potato sticks.

Curry Udon:

I am not fond of Sanuki udon, but this time it was quite nice because it was chewy and al-dente.

The curry sauce was just right and not too spicy.
It would be great if they had a vegetarian version without the beef or burdock curry.
Udon with meat and burdock:

Beef is not really my favourite meat, but the burdock was nice.
At the end, it was not very pleasant because the lard started solidifying.

Squid tempura:

The squid was delicious, the batter was light and it was infused with seaweed powder.
The squid was nice and chunky too but not tough.
Salmon omusabi:
This was delicious but disappointing because it did not hold together!
No improvement from my previous visit.

Overall, this place is good for fast food and you can grab what you like from the Tempura bar.

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